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The best way to deodorize and decontaminate

Ever had a whiff of the stench from a garbage bin filled with rotting trash, or the mustiness of mold and mildew? Then you may have some idea of the unpleasantness and the health risks they pose.

If only getting rid of the foul odors is as easy as smelling them. Often, it’s not a matter of just giving the space a thorough cleaning and airing; sometimes extra measures need to be taken. And this is where the hydroxyl generator comes in.

The hydroxyl generator produces hydroxyl molecules that neutralize odor-causing molecules by destroying their chemical compositions. The deodorizing and decontamination process brought about by hydroxyl occurs naturally enough outdoors. Unfortunately, this hydroxyl process does not come about indoors naturally.

Treating malodorous indoor areas is done with a hydroxyl generator. This machine is used to produce the hydroxyls that will destroy and eliminate odor-causing molecules cause by viruses, bacteria, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in ordinary, everyday consumer products—cleaning solutions, gasoline, air fresheners, and more. Beyond dealing with bad odor, hydroxyl generators have been used to eliminate health-threatening spores, viruses, and chemicals that cause a wide array of respiratory illnesses.

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